Grape Vine

While I was doing some yard work this weekend a good friend of mine called to inform me that he found a good sized grape vine growing in his garden.  Oddly enough I spent a good portion of that day preparing a place to put a grape vine if I were to get one. I rushed over to dig it out and I'm very pleased with it. It's about a half an inch thick at the base. Given what we know about where it was growing it's probably one to one and a half years old. We were able to save good portions of all four tap roots. The various branches are roughly 8 feet long.

When I got it home I dug a shallow hole the size of the root area. Then, inside, I dug three deeper holes with the post hole digger to extened the tap roots into. I filled back in with a mixture of top soil and dirt from the hole and water it all in. I threaded some of the branches through the lattice.