Growing up Gardening

Ok, I haven't really grown up gardening but, I have continued to come back to it.

When I was about 5 years old my parents helped me grow a garden in the back yard. We purchased the book Kid's Gardening, and planted the seeds from that book. I don't think I did very much weeding there, my memories involve long and large patches of grass growing up along side watermelons and tomatoes. This garden was a row garden.  We moved during the winter after this and the new house didn't provide a good place to start another one.

kevinWhen I was 18 I worked for Morning Glory Farm. Morning Glory was run by a couple that lived in Union county. The farm was located on roughly 50 acres. The Raibles ran a strictly organic farm. I learned a lot from them and most of my opinions on gardening came from what they taught me while I working there. There were two sections of planted area, one in the front almost strictly of flowers and one in the back, fenced in, mostly of vegetables. Also near the vegetable plot they had a greenhouse and a bee hive. The greenhouse was of simple design, a long room with a semi-circle shape made from PVC pipe and covered with plastic sheeting. The bee hive served two purposes, first to pollinate the plants so that the vegetables could grow well and secondly, to get delicious honey. I worked there for about 2 years before school and an internship took up too much of my time.

Now, at 25 I own a home and am trying to garden again. You've seen the website where I try to keep an updated record of what's happening and obviously you are reading this where I'm keeping track of my progress.

I hope my future remains in farming. I would like to have a dozen or two acres with room for some grain crops along with a garden, some livestock and of course a beehive of my own.