JavaScript Color wheel

I was in need of an elegant way to demonstrate progression across separate articles of media but still show continuity. I decided upon a combination of shapes and colors. for the colors I wanted to flow from mostly white, through the color/hue spectrum to mostly black. I couldn’t figure out a way to get these values without manually selecting them so I did a little research into ways of defining colors. In my search I found a circular layout of colors that seemed to be what I needed. I also learned about HSV which turned out to be the turning point, allowing me to turn my color selection into a set of equations. I started by building my functions in Excel. This is a simple way for me to get a visual feel for the process as it evolves. This eventually provided me what I wanted but in an inelegant way. I modified the code from Rapid Tables to build a webpage that has a slider and shows me my resulting colors very easily. Using this I was able to quickly select the range of colors that would work for me. As a side note, I would have saved a bunch of trouble if I could have found a table of HEX color values that I could do a lookup against in Excel. Maybe it existed but I didn’t find one. Here is a version I created. I hope it makes someones day. I was inspired by the color wheel I found and adapted the code from Rapid Tables to create a JavaScript generated color wheel that covers the color1 spectrum of RGB, just because I could. I have included the code below and this is a link to the JavaScript Color Wheel Generator Demo. Maybe I’ll try this again with the Canvas tag if I get to feeling industrious.

Color Wheel

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