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Custom Bookmarklets for Power Surfing

I have made a few custom bookmarklets that I bring to my internet experience. These allow me to perform a few tasks that I do on a regular basis in one step rather than copying, surfing to a new page, pasting. These are bookmarks for productivity.

This one takes me to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine page for the current site I’m accessing:

This updates the Amazon.com product page to one with my affiliate link, like for this Hard Drive I just bought.

This one uses a Google API to creates the QR-Code for the web page you are visiting.

Camelcamelcamel is a great service that charts the Amazon.com price of all products so you can see if you are getting a good price. This bookmarklet can take me there in one step.

I hope that these can be useful to you or even inspire you to create new bookmarklets to serve your purposes.

Merge Columns from multiple Workbooks in Excel with VBA

I had an opportunity where I had several workbooks (5 to be exact) that are updated on a regular basis, daily in some cases. Each workbook has similar information but in different locations. For my usage I desired to combine the applicable columns into a single set of columns in one Excel file. A merged document will allow me to look in one location rather than five, and find all the results.

I searched and searched and wasn’t able to find anyone else who had solved my particular problem. I set out to learn a little Visual Basic For Applications (VBA) so that I could accomplish the task. Continue reading

JavaScript Color wheel

I was in need of an elegant way to demonstrate progression across separate articles of media but still show continuity. I decided upon a combination of shapes and colors. for the colors I wanted to flow from mostly white, through the color/hue spectrum to mostly black. I couldn’t figure out a way to get these values without manually selecting them so I did a little research into ways of defining colors. In my search I found a circular layout of colors that seemed to be what I needed. I also learned about HSV which turned out to be the turning point, allowing me to turn my color selection into a set of equations. Continue reading