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Apple Tree Transplantation

I transplanted the apple tree last week. It has obviously outgrown it's tiny pot. I probably should have moved it earlier, but I don't think it will have any problems going forward.

The apple tree had been kept indoors at a southerly facing window and was well acclimated to it. I'm attempting to harden it off by keeping it out doors in a place with mostly shade all day. I'll gradually move it to more and more sunlight.

3448290111_564d379f67The pot is filled with a mix of compost, seed starter mix and top soil. Once in the pot I watered it thoroughly.


Obviously with the soil I have I'm going to need to break up my soil. The clay is pretty tough and unrelenting.

Before I plant I want to break up the top few inches of ground. This  will do a couple of things. Destroy some of what's growing there now and mixing in the top soil that is available with the red stuff lower down. After I've done that I'll pour in some bagged top soil and mix the whole thing again. This should provide a good base to grow in.

I know from my experience working on the path that the ground doesn't break apart just by digging it up.  A rake and a hoe aren't much better. The hoe still basically pulls up the ground in clumps. The rake is slightly better at tearing the ground apart but, it is still slow going; after several strokes I've still only scratched the surface. Given that I have over 90 square feet to do this isn't the best solution.

I have a couple of options for rotary Tilling. My father has a Ryobi tiller attachment that he has used for some time. I borrowed that but found it to difficult to handle with my soil. It was a workout just to hold it against the ground. I think I banged up a few of my bricks pretty well. It seemed to deal with the clumps of dirt on-top of the ground well enough. Perhaps it is better served mixing non-compacted soil.

I have another friend who has graciously offered to let me borrow his Craftsman rototiller. This worked much better for me. It is a walk-behind tiller, with the motor sitting right on the tines.  It was a harder to maneuver in the raised beds but in Garden #2 it was easier. The ground was still wet from the rain two days before. The tiller bogged down more than I would have liked, but still manageable.

I mixed in about equal parts top soil and compost. I've mounded my potatoes.

Shopping Day

Today was a shopping day. I found a friend willing to let me borrow his truck and made good use of it.

First I did my shopping at Lowes:

  • Top Soil
  • Compost
  • Gutters
  • Flush Valve
  • Bevy of plants
  • Mailbox Post

I needed 8 bags of topsoil and 6 bags of compost. Those along with the gutters and mailbox post are just too much for my Civic. After I got it all home I didn't have much time to do anything other than unload it and put the mailbox post in.

Next I picked up a friend and we went to pick up a half ton of white river rock. We placed it on the path as planned and it looks pretty good.

After the rocks we loaded up with leaves. In my town during the fall there's a truck that goes around vacuuming up leaves for the city. They get shredded a bit then dumped into huge piles, free for whoever wants them. When I worked at Morning Glory Farm we used to take a big trailer and fill it for mulching the plants. I only had enough time to dump the leaves into the yard before returning the truck. I'll cover the area where the raspberries are tomorrow.