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Trading Cards

Among many kinds of cards I have, I have sets of Marvel Masterpieces 2007 Series I, II & III, Marvel Legends, Serenity Movie, Baseball, Basketball, NASCAR (yes I'm ashamed too), Hockey, Soccer, etc.

I am missing some chase cards and even a couple commons from the Marvel Sets, which I am trying to complete. I have lots of commons to trade, email me if you're interested.

I'm a little disapointed in the relaunched Marvel Masterpieces series. There are several duplicate pieces of art between the three new series, and sometimes even in the same set. Here's a list of what I've noticed.

To complete Marvel Legends I need:
P1, cc1, cc2, cc3, cc8, cc10, cc11, cc14, cc16, cc17, cc18, Nearly all of the foils

To complete Marvel Masterpieces 08 Set 2 I need:
A 3 of 9, MH 1 of 9, Hulk B, Hulk C, Iron Man B, Iron Man C

To complete Marvel Masterpieces 08 Set 3 I need:
MK 8, MK 9, XM 1, XM 2, XM 3, XM 4, XM 5, XM 8, XM 9, MM 1, MM 2, MM 3, MM 4, MM 5, MM 6, MM 7, MM 9.

Here's a pair of sketch cards that I pulled.

Marvel Masterpieces_Set II_Hulk Ted Dastick Jr

Marvel Masterpieces_Set III_Captain_Adam Hicks