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Matchbox Fisker Karma EV

I actually forgot that this car was coming out this year. This is the Matchbox Fisker Karma EV from the 2012 collection, #7 of 120. This falls into the Electric Vehicles portion of my collecting.
The plastic portion is broken so I'm hoping to find another one. Then I can play with this one…

Diecast Batmobiles

These are three of my Batmobiles, The 1966 Batmobile, Animated Series Batmobile in blue, and the Batman Begins Tumbler.

This isn't all of the Batmobiles I have, for some reason I didn't get them all out when taking this picture. This is the only place I've ever found the Batpod.

For a more complete list of my Batmobiles see this list.