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Mosquito Netting

I am nearly finished getting my rain barrel system up and running. On the 'need to do' list is add mosquito netting, raise the barrel up on blocks and install the gutter system. On the 'I'd like to do' list I have a water level indicator and secondary barrels. If a really good solution presents it's self for a water level indicator I will probably add one of those.

I'm always on the lookout for a free solution to a problem. I had a spare bed skirt that was headed to the trash, before tossing it I evaluated it for possible use as a mosquito net. It seems to be fairly tightly woven, which would keep out mosquitoes but not too tight as to keep out water. I think it'll work fairly well. I cut out a section to fit over the hole in the top. Using silicone directly between the barrel and the fabric I laid it out. I cut the section large enough to leave a decent amount of slack. by pressing down slightly on the fabric against the barrel the silicon seems to permeate the fabric which I hope will provide a good seal. This solution is cheap enough that if I need to get back inside the barrel (like for adding a water level indicator) I can tear it out without feeling like I wasted money.

Rain Barrel

I was looking to find a rain barrel at a decent price, but it was proving difficult. I don't really want to pay $80-120.

This past Saturday I was playing paintball over at a friends house and happened upon a barrel in his woods. I brought it up to him and before I could ask he offered it to me.

There was some patching required, notably almost the entire base was cut out and in the top was missing its screw in plug.

To fix the missing plug I used a disc cut from a plastic paint can lid on each side and silicone gel to hold it all together. I filed in the whole gap with silicon, I'm not certain that was necessary.




I also added a faucet. I filled the barrel up 1/4 of the way and all the seals on that end seem to be holding.

I will finish the rain barrel by covering the hole in the top with some mesh to keep out mosquitoes and other debris. I'll place the whole thing on a few blocks and after I install gutters I'll run the downspout into the barrel. I have a fairly large surface area on my roof so I should fill the barrel with less than an inch of rain.