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The raspberries that I planted last year are mostly doing fine. They have started to grow out from the roots and there are 10 plants now. I need to weed so they aren't competing as much. I wonder how much mulch the suckers can grow through… Ok one source on the internet says yes.

Wood Ashes

A couple years ago I was given a fire pit with a screen. Although I haven't used it a lot I enjoy having it. A few evenings ago my wife and I sat outside on the porch around a fire. Even though spring has arrived it was still a little cool, nice weather for a fire.

Around new years I collected used Christmas trees to use for mulch; after removing the branches I had leftover truncks. I don't have a chain saw which makes cutting the trunks into small enough pieces very tiresome. As I get them cut I'll burn them and add the ashes to my compost pile.

While reading up on how to grow celery I read that I should add wood ashes to the soil to increase the potassium content. I took the results of my last fire and spread it around Garden #1. In the future letting it decompose some before adding it is probably a good idea.

Shopping Day

Today was a shopping day. I found a friend willing to let me borrow his truck and made good use of it.

First I did my shopping at Lowes:

  • Top Soil
  • Compost
  • Gutters
  • Flush Valve
  • Bevy of plants
  • Mailbox Post

I needed 8 bags of topsoil and 6 bags of compost. Those along with the gutters and mailbox post are just too much for my Civic. After I got it all home I didn't have much time to do anything other than unload it and put the mailbox post in.

Next I picked up a friend and we went to pick up a half ton of white river rock. We placed it on the path as planned and it looks pretty good.

After the rocks we loaded up with leaves. In my town during the fall there's a truck that goes around vacuuming up leaves for the city. They get shredded a bit then dumped into huge piles, free for whoever wants them. When I worked at Morning Glory Farm we used to take a big trailer and fill it for mulching the plants. I only had enough time to dump the leaves into the yard before returning the truck. I'll cover the area where the raspberries are tomorrow.