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Rabbit Control

There's a rabbit that likes my yard. He has for a couple years now. I don't even have a garden in yet!

Obviously I don't need a rabbit filling up on my young plants before I get a chance to enjoy them. I don't want to install a fence around my whole yard but I need some solution. I heard of a neighbor of a friend trapping squirrels and relocating them. I think that solution will work for me, except maybe not with the relocating part.

I bought two live traps, they came together for a decent price, a larger 32″ x 12″ x 10″ and a smaller 24 ” x 7 ” x 7 “. I put out the smaller of the two and baited it with celery and peanut butter.  I didn't use the larger trap because I don't want to accidentally catch the neighbors dogs and terrorize upset the neighbor kids. If I don't catch the critter in a couple weeks with the smaller one I'll put out the larger and see what happens.