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As with the cotton, I am growing another popular North Carolina crop, tobacco. There are more varieties of tobacco than I realized.  I chose Orinoco as the description calls it a “tobacco with thick textured, crinkly leaves that produces a rich brown pipe tobacco that is a favorite of pipe smokers worldwide.” Since I enjoy pipe smoking this seems like a good choice.

I've never cured tobacco either. Traditionally it is air dried which takes a long time. A newer method used my industry now is to dry by means of heaters. Since I'm in no rush and I have such a small amount if I attempt to cure any (and lets be honest, I probably will) I'll do it the slow way.

Someday if I'm really industrious I may try to roll cigars but that's complicated, I think I'll stick to my pipe for now.

I am starting the seeds indoors like I'm supposed to. The seeds are so small I used tweezers with place them on the soil. I have chosen to grow nine plants this year, to ensure growth I extra seeds. I'll thin once things have grown some.