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White Picket Fence

The fence I had previously was not very attractive and didn't do a good job of keeping small critters out. This fence won't be much better for rabbits but it will be more attractive.
I installed the fence, first I dug a small trench around the edge of the garden. Since I try not to walk in the garden the ground isn't very packed and this was relatively simple. I set the fence about 4 inches below finished grade. The fence was pretty easy to fit to corners. I thought it might be troublesome but, no. Even at the seam between the two gardens I was able to slide up one of the slats out of the way. I might trim it at some point.

I filled the dirt back in around the fence and packed it in by stomping the dirt down. It took three rolls for my garden. I want to do something for a gate. I want something that won't be too much trouble to install but will be sturdy enough for use. For now It's not too tall to step over.

Keeping Rabbits out of your Garden

Since a rabbit decided to eat all of the tomato and pepper plants that I planted I purchased replacements this weekend. I took the opportunity to also do a few up-keeping things I meant to do already.

I purchased four more landscape timbers to increase the depth that I'm capable of in Garden #2. To keep rabbits out I used 48″ rebar rods to anchor each corner, sinking each 12″ into the ground. Attached to the rods I have surrounded the plot with the same metal fencing I used to build the compost bin.

Tomato & Pepper

Rabbit Control

There's a rabbit that likes my yard. He has for a couple years now. I don't even have a garden in yet!

Obviously I don't need a rabbit filling up on my young plants before I get a chance to enjoy them. I don't want to install a fence around my whole yard but I need some solution. I heard of a neighbor of a friend trapping squirrels and relocating them. I think that solution will work for me, except maybe not with the relocating part.

I bought two live traps, they came together for a decent price, a larger 32″ x 12″ x 10″ and a smaller 24 ” x 7 ” x 7 “. I put out the smaller of the two and baited it with celery and peanut butter.  I didn't use the larger trap because I don't want to accidentally catch the neighbors dogs and terrorize upset the neighbor kids. If I don't catch the critter in a couple weeks with the smaller one I'll put out the larger and see what happens.