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Spider-Man Spider Rider

Spider-Man Spider Rider

This is the Hot Wheels Marvel Spider-Man 04/08 Spider Rider. This isn’t exactly the Spider-Mobile, but it’s close. It is from the Spider-Man series of 2014 that attempts to personify various characters from the Marvel Spider-Man series by selecting already modeled cars. None of the other cars in this series were interesting. The DC series was much better.

IMG 7266 1200


I bought a TARDIS Keychain to add to my Star Cars collection. It's really close to the right scale. I went in to a comic shop while I was in New Hampshire and there was a good selection of TARDISs. Actually the closest to 1:64 scale was on an alarm clock, but I didn't want to buy it just for that. The DieCast TARDIS Keychain was too small unfortunately.

For reference, a properly sized model would be 1.67″ tall and 0.85″ wide.