White Picket Fence

The fence I had previously was not very attractive and didn't do a good job of keeping small critters out. This fence won't be much better for rabbits but it will be more attractive.
I installed the fence, first I dug a small trench around the edge of the garden. Since I try not to walk in the garden the ground isn't very packed and this was relatively simple. I set the fence about 4 inches below finished grade. The fence was pretty easy to fit to corners. I thought it might be troublesome but, no. Even at the seam between the two gardens I was able to slide up one of the slats out of the way. I might trim it at some point.

I filled the dirt back in around the fence and packed it in by stomping the dirt down. It took three rolls for my garden. I want to do something for a gate. I want something that won't be too much trouble to install but will be sturdy enough for use. For now It's not too tall to step over.