Wood Ashes

A couple years ago I was given a fire pit with a screen. Although I haven't used it a lot I enjoy having it. A few evenings ago my wife and I sat outside on the porch around a fire. Even though spring has arrived it was still a little cool, nice weather for a fire.

Around new years I collected used Christmas trees to use for mulch; after removing the branches I had leftover truncks. I don't have a chain saw which makes cutting the trunks into small enough pieces very tiresome. As I get them cut I'll burn them and add the ashes to my compost pile.

While reading up on how to grow celery I read that I should add wood ashes to the soil to increase the potassium content. I took the results of my last fire and spread it around Garden #1. In the future letting it decompose some before adding it is probably a good idea.