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Seed Tray pt 2

The seed tray has worked out very well for me. My attempts with using uncovered cups did not. I purchased another 25 spot tray, with a package of refills.

The beans and corn quickly grew to three times the height of the cover and I had to remove them. Also, I didn't keep careful record of it and now I don't know which beans are Cranberry and which are the Blackeyed.

I drew more detailed versions of each garden plot so now I have a better idea of how many seeds to plant. It appears that I might have some room for broccoli. Looking over the layout, I'm going to have a busy season.

Seed Tray

I purchased a planting tray to start my seeds in. This tray has 72 cells for starting seeds in. The cells are open to the main tray in the bottom so that water can flow freely throughout. As you can see, when water is added the pods expand. I have seeded several plants. I am following the directions for the tray (which includes a clear plastic cover) and am placing it in a warm place, out of direct sunlight.

I labeled each column and row so that I can keep track of what is growing where. For instance:

A1, A2, B1  Bell Pepper
C1,C2, B2, D1  Cranberry Bean
B3-B6  Black-eye Peas
A3-A6  Black Mexican Corn
C3-C6  Lemon Balm
D2-D6  Greek Oregano
E1-E6  Celery
F1-F6  Chives
G1-G6  Spinach
H3-H6  Sugar Snaps
H1, H2, I1-I4  Old German Tomato
I5, I6, J6  Sweet Pepper
J1-J5, K6  Carrot
K1-K5  Tennessee Red Corn
L4-L6  Cayenne Pepper