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Bottling Wine in Bags

I've had this idea for a while: what if instead of bottling into bottles we did it into bags?

Boxed wines have been around for a while and have a stigma of being 'cheap'.  For good reason, if a wine maker wants to keep the price down on his wine a good way to do it is to sell it in a box which weighs less and ships easier.

I had an opportunity to acquire a few bags from Corbett Canyon brand boxed wine. The bags are 3L, which is roughly (depending on how we fill) 4 regular sized bottles of wine.

The plastic tap are easily removed to allow access to the interior. I cleaned two bags with a sanitizer solution and left them to dry. When bottling last night we filled two bags and replaced the taps, attempting to remove all of the air, and put the bags back into the boxes they came from.

Apparently the taps do not hermetically seal. This could be an issue for long term storage. I'll again update once we've tried some of the wine from the bags.