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Irish Red #1 – Production Diary

January 24, 2009

Started Irish Red.

Should have made starter a couple days ahead per instructions. Used WYEAST 1056 Propagator. Did make starter, used for ~2 hours.

Used a ~5 gallon pot. Didn't have any problems with over foaming.

Cooled the wort by placing pot inside fermenter and adding ice to sides and inside while stirring. Only two applications were required.

The stirrer did an excellent job of cooling and aerating the wort. Angled at ~45 deg did a great job of getting air into wort. SG = 1.05 @ 78° F.

All ingredients smell great.

Made up water with 4lbs ice to cool and half gallonish for volume. boiled 4 gallons of filtered water for wort.

February 1, 2009

Specific Gravity = 1.012@ 65° F

Huge yeast colony on bottom of primary. 1-2 inches thick. Topped off with 1-2 quarts of filtered water.

February 13, 2009

SG = 1.011 @ 68° F

Using the starting and ending SGs a value of 5.3% alcohol/volume was found.

Roughly 47 bottles were made.

  • 13 Grolsch
  • 1 large
  • 1 – huge
  • 32 – regular

Had enough beer for at least two more bottles.

Beer tasting day. This beer tastes quite good, enjoyed by all.