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Watering Can

I've never enjoyed using a hose to water with. Any attachment I use always seems to find a way to leak and spray water all over me. Then I feel rushed because this water is soaking either my face or my shoes and I am hurrying to finish so I can escape. A watering can would allow me to have a more relaxed experience.  I can fill it from the rain barrel and be relaxed when doing that too.

Only problem is, I don't really like most of the watering cans that I have seen. they are either clunky or just pour straight out, without a nozzle. Somewhere I saw a watering can with the head parallel to the stem rather than perpendicular. It seems like it will provide a more even stream with less tipping required. That's my kind of solution. I looked at several stores and couldn't find one like it. After much searching online I found the one I was looking for. It's the Dramm Watering Can. It costs a little more than I wanted to spend on a watering can but I think it'll be worth it.