ELBC 2014 Review

ELBC 2014 Review2014 was the second year of my Every Little Bit Counts project. I think combining posts as I go rather than reporting each day on it’s own was an improvement. I still had trouble remembering to post. At least once I had over a month to do at a time.

The first thing I noticed is the number of $1 bills I found this year. Almost half of the money I found came from good old greenbacks. I also found a partial roll of dimes. That was a little weird. Again, pennies were the vast majority of what I found though closer to 75% than 84%.

This past year, vending machines have been the best performer for me. Vacated desks didn’t net nearly as much as last year. There were far fewer moves overall. Even with that, I found a total of $28.41, about $8 more than last year.
ELBC 2014 Review_2

I’m still up for continuing this for the next year. I am committing to not post updates less than once a month.