Jurassic Park Builder Missions – Glacier

This post is about the Android and iOS game app Jurassic Park Builder.
I have created pages with the different sections of the Jurassic Park Missions separated:
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Glacier Park

Title Prerequisite Owner Description Tasks Reward
Afternoon Tea Gain Glacier Park Dr. Malcom Place 5 roads.
Place a decoration.
2600 XP
1200 coin
Paradise On Ice Gain Glacier Park Dr. Hammond Send out an Expidition helicopter.
Recieve a DNA sample
Decode the DNA sample
2400 XP
1000 coin
I’m On Vacation Gain Glacier Park Dr. Grant Place 2 Small Ice Sculptures.
Expand the Glacier Park
3100 XP
2200 coin
Pre-flight Check Gain Glacier Park Kelly Curtis Have 50,000 coins
Have 600 meat.
have 700 crops.
3000 XP
4000 coin
Crowd Control Afternoon Tea Dr. Malcom Place 2 Info Igloos
Move a building
2800 XP
1600 coin
Just My Luck Decode first Glacier DNA Sample Dr. Wu Place a building
Collect 500 coins from buildings.
2400 XP
500 coin
1 dollar
Happy Meals Paradise On Ice Dr. Hammond Place an Entelodon.
Feed an Entelodon 2 times.
2600 XP
600 coin
1 dollar
Lost and Found I’m On Vacation Dr. Grant Move a building
Place a Torch.
3300 XP
3000 coin
Home On The Range Crowd Control Dr. Malcom Move a Megaloceros.
Level up a Megaloceros.
3600 XP
2000 coin
1 dollar
Up In The Air Pre-flight Check Kelly Curtis Put 3 Red Flower Patches around a Woolly Mammoth close together.
Place a Souvenir Outpost
4300 XP
8200 coin
Undercurrent Lost and Found Dr. Grant Have 900 crops.
Place a Rock Painting
4200 XP
6600 coin
Landing Zone Undercurrent Dr. Grant Move a building.
Sell a decoration.
12200 XP
19200 coin
Embarrassment of Riches Just My Luck Dr. Wu If the amount of frozen DNA samples keeps up, I’ll have to hire more lab technicians. How many of them can you process before the day is out? Collect from a building with at least a 5% bonus.
Collect from the meat harbor 3 times.
2800 XP
800 coin
What Did You Say? Landing Zone Dr. Grant Place an Inflatable Saber.
Place 2 Red Flower Patches.
14400 XP
14100 coin
1 dollar
Natural Defense Embarrassment of Riches Dr. Wu Create a path from the gateway to the Glacial History Museum using roads.
Put 2 Fir Trees around the Glacial History Museum close together.
3100 XP
1100 coin
1 dollar
Conference Call Happy Meals Dr. Hammond Place a Security Bureau
Collect 3,000 coins from buildings.
Upgrade the cops harbor.
3300 XP
1500 coin
1 dollar
Doctor’s Appointment Natural Defense Dr. Wu Create a path from the Gateway to the Security Bureau using roads
Place 2 Leafless Trees.
3900 XP
5200 coin
This Modern Age Up In The Air Kelly Curtis Create a path from the Gateway to the Megoloceros using roads.
Create a path from the Gateway to the Souvenier Outpost using roads.
10100 XP
6000 coin
1 dollar
Change of Diet Conference Call Dr. Hammond Collect 700 meat.
Feed an animal 4 times.
4200 XP
3300 coin
1 dollar
Cold Hard Facts. Doctor’s Appointment Dr. Wu Place a Small Pansies Bed,
Upgrade the crops harbor.
12900 XP
11000 coin
1 dollar
Warm Welcome Change of Diet Dr. Hammond Have 2 animals at Level 5.
Place 2 decorations.
9500 XP
10000 coin
Camera Shy This Modern Age Kelly Curtis Place a Uintatherium.
Collect 10,000 coins from any animal with at least a 15% bonus.
13700 XP
25000 coin
Surface Details Crowd Control Dr. Malcom Expand the Glacier Park
Move 2 buildings
3900 XP
2600 coin
1 dollar
This Just In Warm Welcome Dr. Hammond Collect from the Watch Tower 2 Times with at least a 5 % bonus.
Place 2 Small Ice Sculptures.
10800 XP
14200 coin
Those Wonderful Toys Surface Details Dr. Malcom A few of the employees have requested more mobile and tablet devices to help with work around the park. How’s our budget so far? Collect 1500 coins from the Glacial History Museum with at least a 3% bonus.
Collect 10,000 coins from animals.
4500 XP
4100 coin
1 dollar
Cloud Nine This Just In Dr. Hammond Colelct from an Enteldon with at least a 12% bonus.
Colelc tfrom a Megaloceros with at least a 16% bonus.
15200 XP
31600 coin
Challenge Accepted Those Wonderful Toys Dr. Malcom Collect 4,000 coins from a Megistotherium.
Have 4 stars collectively from all animals.
11500 XP
8300 coin
1 dollar

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  1. Aidan

    Please help, I’m stuck in Glacier Park on Collect 10,000 from any animal with at least a 15% bonus. I have 10 animals in there and keep collecting and can’t get that one completed.

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